Kristy Athens ~ Wordsmith

Thanks for visiting! I made this website to help keep track of my projects. The Big One: My book, Get Your Pitchfork On!: The Real Dirt on Country Living, gives you the tools to move from the city to the country. I lived for six years in the Columbia River Gorge (in Washington state) and it was an education, to say the least. Now, I live in Wallowa County, Oregon, and am going about things much smarter thanks to my past experiences.

I also make text-based collages (ithaka repurposed literary ephemera) that are snarky, clever and sometimes downright odd. I create strange relationships between images and texts found in outdated or damaged books. I started a group called Time to Write! , which you can join on Facebook if you want to set aside some time for yourself to be creative (it doesn’t have to be writing). I don’t know what my deal is with the exclamation points; I’m really not that perky.

The best way to get to know me is to watch a video my husband and I made while we were still on our farm. I didn’t intend for it to be a commercial for any particular brand of bourbon; it’s not even my favorite bourbon anymore. The video essay is called Bacon & Whiskey (no exclamation point; way to go!).


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