Kristy Athens ~ Wordsmith & Project Manager

Get Your Pitchfork On!: The Real Dirt on Country Living

gives you the tools to move from the city to the country.
I lived for six years in the Columbia River Gorge (in Washington state) and it was an education, to say the least.
I now live in Wallowa County, Oregon, and am going about things much smarter thanks to my past experiences.

Check out the website and the Facebook page! Read reviews, find out when I’m coming to read or run a workshop in your town, and learn more about me and the book that tells you everything you need to know for a transition to rural life.

You can purchase the book at the publisher’s website, Process Media, or your local, independent bookstore. It’s everywhere else, but wouldn’t you rather support a small business?

How the book was born: I began to compose essays about country living after I started
Time to Write on Boxing Day 2005. A couple were published: in Portland Monthly Magazine (“Acres and Pains” in October 2006) and Northwest Palate (“How to Dress a Quail,” July/August 2008). In 2009, I spent a month as a guest of my writer-Grandma. In March and April of 2010, I traveled to Harney County, Oregon, as a Writer-in-Residence to teach in its extremely rural schools and continue my work. In July 2010, I spent a week at Soapstone integrating the comments of the score of people who read and commented on sections of what had become a 400-page book!